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Due to the latest government guidelines, customers with a Covid certifcate can now be granted access to the club area. This applies to people with a vaccination, a valid negative test and to those recovered from COVID. Please note that we need to scan your COVID certificate QR code and are also obliged to check your ID.

Free tests can be taken at your local pharmacy for free and are vaid for 48 hours. Subject to charge are PCR tests and are valid for 72 hours.
For spontaneous guests we offer a test centre just opposite our location for onsite testing including certificate. Important: To test onsite, please bring your insurance card and your ID. To visit our bar, a Covid certificate is not required as the rules for bars and restaurant remain the same, e.g. safety concept of the food and beverage industry.

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Together we plan your event for your birthday where nothing is missing. Cheers!

We are cashless – we only accept payments by card

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